TCS Ultimatix Touch App Mobile: Helpdesk Number For Employees, Portal

Every company has its own Enterprise Resource Planning Portal. TCS Ultimatix is an advanced ERP portal. It provides a really efficient way to manage various things of employees. It can manage and automate things like Timesheet, Salary Management, Timesheet, HR services and other important things.

TCS Ultimatix is an Enterprise Information Portal or ERP for all TCS employee. Every employee who is working in TCS or Tata consultancy Service must have this TCS ultimatix tool.

In this article, I am going to cover about TCS ultimatix iPhone appTCS ultimatix Customer care, android app, TCS ultimatix global helpdesk number, TCS ultimatix touch app for ios and android. I will talk about all the things you need to know about TCS ultimatix and also its official site URL.

I would like to start from the base of the company. As we are talking about TCS ultimatix then it’s good to talk about TCS company as well. Because both the things are highly related. TCS is basically an Indian Multinational IT service solution companyTata Consultancy Services has its headquarter in the beautiful city Mumbai (Maharashtra), India. TCS has the worldwide presence. It is active in many countries like USA, UK etc. In total, it is presently it has a presence in 46 countries.


According to a survey, TCS Company has currently more than 300,000 employees. We can manage a small group of people manually. But to maintain such high number of people, we need some smart solution. TCS ultimatix just provide us that thing. Ultimatix highly reduces the complexity to manage such large number of people.

I would like to now talk about the service which TCS Company provides.

It is basically active in providing service in the IT sector. Apart from it, TCS also provides business solutions and outsourcing to other big companies. So handling a big number of people TCS has developed a beautiful web application named as TCS ultimatix. TCS ultimatix can manage all the employee management task. This is basically official TCS ERP portal application for managing the whole companies’ employee.

TCS ultimatix domain has been changed

Earlier TCS was managing whole things from the TCS website but now the URL for ultimatix has been changed. Any employee working on TCS can easily access TCS ultimatix application. The official site for TCS ultimatix is . It is also termed as an ultimatix-Digitally Connected or tata elxsi ultimatix application among few of its employee.

Many of you might be wondering about the content of the site for ultimatix. Let me tell you, nothing has been changed for TCS ultimatix app, except for the domain. Everything is just a copy paste of thing previously situated at the official site. However, you can see some minor changes in it. But to be honest thing things, you can or say may only notice if you have used previous ultimatix application.

The official site for Tata Consultancy Service(TCS) is

Ultimatix is a service given by TCS. It’s a personalized platform where one can store and retrieve employee information. It works as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Although, there are several companies who offers ERP portals, however, it is not as reliable as the TCS Ultimatix helpdesk. This application is built with several features. TCS Ultimatix is a wonderful app that helps employees automate services like Timesheets, HR systems, and Salary management units.

TCS Ultimatix Login:

People who are looking for IT services & business solutions, one can reach the official website of Ultimatix. You can login TCS Ultimatix page by using your Laptop, smartphone. Here are some steps to open Ultimatix Login Page on your PC:

  1. Visit the website from your web browser.
  2. Enter the username and password given by your TCS department.
  3. Click on the ‘Login’ button.

It’s an easy process to login. As people login in Facebook and Gmail; in the same way you can login by your customer ID and password. Well, certain individuals are allowed to access the login page as those who doesn’t have their customer ID and password, they can’t get in. So the advantage of this service can be enjoyed by only those customers who have registered on it and have a proper username and password.

You can also directly log in the Ultimatix by using TCS Ultimatix App by following the given steps:

TCS Ultimatix App for Android and iPhone:

Access Ultimatix App from your smartphone and for this you can follow the given steps:

  • Open TCS Ultimatix website that is from your phone.
  • Access ‘Utilities’ section from TCS page that is opened on your mobile device.
  • Go to Appmart from your iOS device or Android.
  • Register your mobile device and authorize it by using TCS Ultimatix.
  • You can see the apps available for users to download it for mobile phones. What you need to is to complete the download and install the application by tapping on the name of the app.

Ultimatix Website:

Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS) is an IT service and consulting solutions company that was founded in 1968. It offers several services to a high number of people globally and Ultimatix is one of those services. Well, sometimes users find some problems on the website of Ultimatix. It is an ordinary problem faced by users that whenever they search for Ultimatix for TCS, TCS changes the domain name sometimes but the function of the website remains all the same. The amazing thing is that both TCS URL works fine. One can access the site and as well as

TCS Ultimatix App Login & TCS Ultimatix Global Help Desk:

In this article, the most searched terms regarding Ultimatix are answered such as ultimatix webmail loginultimatix app, ultimatix email, ultimatix website and ultimatix global help desk contact number. As we have mentioned the website URLs, Ultimatix login, App related to it. Now get a help desk contact number.

These are the toll-free numbers, one can call on these numbers and get help instantly. Since these are toll-free numbers it means that you will not be charged for calling on these numbers. It can also help you to reset your password.

  • Toll Free (INDIA): 1-800-425-4827 Free/ 1-800-CALL-TCS (1-800-225-5827 Free).
  • Toll-Free (UK): 0207-2458000
  • Toll-Free (US): 1-877-TCS-INDY (1-877-827-4639 Free).

TCS Mastercraft Toll-Free Helpline Number:

UK Toll-Free: 00800 827 88888

Canada Toll-Free: 011 800 827 88888

US Toll-Free: 1 855 829 8882

Ultimatix Email:

You can contact Ultimatix by emailing on their help desk email addresses. The employees who are facing any problem in their Ultimatix account, they can directly get a help by just mailing their problem or query to the given email addresses.

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