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Bookzz is a website which served millions of books, novels, and articles for free. If you are fond of reading books, then this article really helps you a lot as you don’t need to visit a library or a bookstore and buy books anymore. You can do the same here by just downloading them online through this Bookzz website and they are obtained in a PDF format.


But, due to some legal issues, it unfortunately had to shut down. Later, it came back by changing its domain name to ), which is now again showing some DNS error now. The best solution is to find some alternatives for this and they are given in brief below.

How to Locate An Ebook in Bookzz

Locating your preferred ebook is simple with, they have a giant selection of ebooks so that you aren’t likely to be let down. Here are the steps to get an ebook from Bookzz.

  1. Go to the website
  2. Hunt the title of the Ebook from the search box
  3. It’ll bring you thousands of outcomes over your hunt
  4. Click on your choice
  5. Download your Ebook or browse online.

Advantages Of Bookzz site

  • With more than 2,780,670 novels Bookzz is among the most significant ebook directories where you are able to download free ebooks in just a couple of clicks.
  • The website is totally free, you need to just arrive here, hunt your download an ebook.
  • They’ve their very own novels of collection
  • Additionally, they accept user-submitted novel.

What are the Categories in Bookzz website

In Bookzz there’s a massive collection of categories and subcategories that tells how large Bookzz would be to get Ebooks. Below is a number of the most well-known types of Bookzz.

  • Health
  • Finance
  • Photography
  • Autobiography
  • Biography
  • Science fiction
  • Arts

How To Submit An E-book In Bookzz

  • If you’re Writer, author or possess an ebook so that you may submit your Ebook in Bookzz at no cost. It’s simple and won’t require over a couple of minutes to finish the submission.
  1. Go to the website
  2. On the Ideal side, you will see a choice of”Novels”
  3. Under this choice, There’ll be three options
  4. Click on the add book option
  5. It’ll provide you with a form where You Need to submit subsequent thing so as to submit your Ebook into the database of Bookzz.

For this you need to fill details like:

  • Title of the publication
  • Author’s name
  • Many subtable groups
  • ISBN/Identifier
  • And continue to upload your ebook
  • Click Apply

Alternatives For Bookzz

Library Genesis

  • If you’re hunting for bookzz choice Reddit afterward Library Genesis is an excellent choice for you.
  • Having a set of over 1.5 countless ebooks and nearly an equivalent variety of fiction novels you’ll be able to find a fantastic assortment of your course-related novels in addition to books that you read for enjoyment. Among the greatest choice on the net for book fans, here you’ll get an equal number of books that you may have obtained on
  • With more than 20 countless books of science-fiction, arts, background, etc., this bookzz choice is what you may be looking for.
  • visit site at librarygenesis


  • In its initiative called project Gutenberg, it gives over 54000 helpful e-books. You can also select epub novels, kindle version books download them even read them online. If you’re trying to find the rarest of rare sort of novels that this is the best website to come across the exact same. You are able to find here earliest novels in literature particularly the one’s whose copyright was expired.
  • In fact, the majority of the instances they supply you books whose copyrights have been died. So, even though your IP gets monitored while downloading books from this website, do not worry, chair relaxed you ai not gonna property one of the pubs.
  • visit site at GUTENBERG.ORG

Open Library

  • Open Library is yet another viable option to
  • With a massive assortment of specialized publications, this website could end up being helpful for technical students.


  • Last but not least, is really a blessing for you in the event that you examine arts and trade and are unable to discover books of your choice readily at no cost.


  • Among the greatest bookzz options, this website supplies together with the very best class books within the discipline of bookkeeping, career & guidance, economics and finance, speech, technology and several much more. Bookboon provides premium and free access to this website. But if you would like to begin downloading infinite eBooks from this website you need to become a registered member of this website not automatically a superior member. With only 4 steps to getting any publication from this website, it is among the most readily accessible websites.
  • visit site at BOOKBOON.COM


  • For mathematics scientists that this website is your best option among all presented within this article. Why is it better for science researchers is its own material linked to technology & science.


  • With over 50 countless study papers, this website is among the top and best hints for people that are in the study and technology discipline. A good deal of articles and research papers are readily discovered over the search engine.
  • visit site at BOOKSC.ORG


  • Another option with plenty of writers for is liberated e-book. With classes like Fictional audio novels, Non-fictional audio novels, Children music books this website gets to the listing as among most enjoyed website free of e-book downloads. But, there’s a download limit for anonymous users with this website that does not imply that you can not download infinite novels from free e-books. net.
  • All you need to do would be to become a registered user to your website and after that, you can gain access to as many publications you desire. Consequently, if you’re interested in finding Bookzz options in the search industry, this will be your choice.
  • visit site at


  • With over 230 billions of web pages hunt on the world wide web, a new archive is a challenging competitor to all or any comer websites within the sphere of providing free e-books online.
  • This website alone contains over 50 countless publications available online for downloading. This usually means you have 50 countless books from other businesses you can have in your palms to download. Aside from that, it’s over 12 countless text files and also a ton more to download. But if you’re trying to find the ideal choice for your own you need to consider internet archive for part of your account.
  • visit site at ARCHIVE.ORG.

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