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AOL Mail is a free web-based email and webmail service provided by AOL. AOL is available in 54 languages. it is useful for commercial purposes. The service is sometimes referred to as AIM Mail where “AIM” stands for AOL Instant Messenger, which is AOL’s instant messaging service. To use this AOL  mail we need to registration is required. AOL Mail got a new look during the summer of 2012. its first significant take a part in five years.

Aol Mail Features

AOL Mail has the following features available at free of cost:

  • Unlimited Email storage capacity.
  • Email attachment link is up to 25Mb.
  • Supported protocols are POP3, SMTP, IMAP.
  • We can Link to other email accounts from other service providers (such as Hotmail and Gmail).
  • Advertisement are displayed while working with the e-mail account. We can fix links within emails are automatically disabled and they can only be activated by the email user.
  • Spam protection.
  • Virus protection.
  • Spell checking.
  • AIM Panel with a full buddy list, and indicators to show presence of online buddies, as well as shortcuts to sponsored popular by web sites.
  • email unsend capability (for mails sent to another AIM or AOL mailbox).
  • It also Supports HTTPS/SSL after login.
  • Domains: @aol.com and additionally @love.com, @ygm.com (short for you’ve got mail), @games.com, and @wow.com

www.aolmail.com | Aol Mail Login Sign in


Account inactivity.

If an AOL Mail account is inactive for 90 days, it may become deactivated, at which point any emails sent to that mail,may not be delivered and may be returned to sender. After 180 days of inactivity, the account will be deleted.

AOL Project messages

An email program by AOL that features a Quick Bar where emails, AOL Instant Messenger messages and text messages can be sent from one area. It also lets people add up to five accounts into it. It features a search feature that will load attachments, addresses,photos and dates from emails.

Comparisons between web mail’s…

AOl Mail- AOL Mail standard view requires Javascript; AOL Mail basic HTML view does not use Java script.

Fast mail- standard interface requires JavaScript, classic interface does not.

Gmail- Gmail standard view requires Javascript, Gmail’s basic HTML view does not use java script.

Yahoo mail- Yahoo Mail standard view requires Javascript; Yahoo Mail basic HTML view does not use java script.

some parts of the FastMail web software have been released as free, open-source software. The front-end JavaScript library is released as Overture Javascript and the rich-text editor as Squire.The data model and various client code was donated to Roundcube for its JMAP implementation.

Larger Attachments Rolling Forward.

AOL made a promise to all the users, to not only keep improving their mail service, but to keep you better informed about their improvements and changes they make.

With that in mind, they are pleased to say that , AOL  increased the size limit for email attachments from 16MB to 25MB. Now you can send larger files, videos and bigger photos or whatever you want to your family and friends.

You can add an attachment by just clicking the paperclip icon located on the toolbar of a message you are writing.

AOL’s ‘Project Phoenix’ e-mail overhaul is here

The renovated system looks a lot AOL began fixing Aol Mail earlier this year by removing 60% of the ads splattered across the product. AOL also began recycling old email addresses, allowing new users to get the addresses they really want. Gmail, but promises some new features like messaging interface and built-in text messaging.

Once found everywhere, AOL e-mail has grown into such a punchline that the ownership  of an active @aol.com address is likely to result in many a playful Luddite joke. But on Sunday, AOL officially show the results of “Project Phoenix,” the long-anticipated overhaul of its e-mail system and they even promise they won’t make you use the @aol.com domain.

The full AOL Project Phoenix release will come next year, but at  present moment it has only a limited beta phase. Here’s the drawbacks: AOL looks a lot like Gmail’s interface, with a few extra bells and features. There is a “quick bar” at the top for sending instant messages (which appears in very Google Chat-like windows), short e-mails and text messages. A side bar of “smart view” content previews attached files and maps of locations detailed in the message . AOL representatives assured that these previews only show up from confirmed contacts, so there’s no chance of porn spam making mischief here. Messages open in a identified interface for easy flipping between messages and the main inbox.

Perhaps more interestingly, you can add up the additional in-boxes from mail providers like Hot mails and Gmail –ideally, other non-e-mail in-boxes, like Facebook messages, may be able to show up here sometime and you also don’t have to have an @aol.com in your AOL mail domain. The other domains AOL offers in the beta version include ygm.com (an symbol of its classic “you have got mail”), games.com, love.com and wow.com.

New AOL Mail Is Coming Soon… www.aol.com

It has been a roughly  12 years for AOL Mail since it was popular enough to be featured in the title of a Nora Ephron’s popular RomCom “You have Got Mail!”

From a top position, AOL Mail has fallen to 5th place  in overall market share. Unique visitors to AOL Mail are decreased to 32% year-over-year. ComScore ranks it behind Yahoo, MSN, Google, and MySpace.

Sources confirm changes to the new product include more SMS and AIM integration, Gmail-like archiving, and an emphasis on more powerful search. Instead of serving lots of advertisements, insiders say the new Aol Email will funnel users into AOL content sites (where they will see so many plenty of brand advertising). There is talk of tighter action with MapQuest.

The fast AOLers are passing around internally: The average consumer now has 2.4 email addresses – not including “other inboxes” like Twitter and Facebook  The number is sloping upward.

AOL began fixing Aol Mail earlier this year by removing 60 percent of the ads typically a thick across the product. AOL also started recycling all the old email addresses, allowing new users to get the addresses they really want.