TCS Webmail Login – Access TCS Email From PC Mobile Here

TCS WebMail is a helping website for you to check your emails on your personal mobile & computer.

It is a mailing service which has been developed by Tata Consultancy Service for its employees all over the world.

Mail service are used to check client inquiries. Around 400000+ professional employees are working in TCS and nearly 35% of them are women. Its headquarter is situated in Mumbai, India, while TCS is present on 46 countries of the world. 

The employees use to send and receive emails related to work. The employee’s email address is also The company is now using a new address and will provide good user experience to the employees. The new address is


TCS offers services in IT (information technology), Banking, BPO, Business Solutions, Outsourcing Services, Platform Services, and other analytical services.


TCS Ultimatix

To reduce the complexity and handle a large number of employees, the company launched an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) portal which is known as TCS Ultimatix. It is useful for managing the entire system of employees. It is an official portal of Tata Consultancy Services Portal Limited.

Principally, ERP is a business process management software that helps the company to use a system to manage the automated back-office & business functions. Ultimatix is a great way to manage services like HR Service, Salary Management, Time sheet etc.

Access TCS Email from Mobile & PC

For the last few months, Tata Consultancy Services has migrated its services on a VPN. So, if you’re looking to access Tata consultancy service webmail from your mobile then you’re at the right place. Let’s discuss the easy ways to login into

How to login to TCS Webmail?

Users have to download an app to access email services from mobile. The explanation behind this movement can be anything, however, it is making a transitory issue for the representatives. Starting now, it is unimaginable to expect to get to messages outside of the organisation’s premises.

So what is the Solution?

There are numerous ways from where you can get to your email over any android or apple gadget.

Access the TCS Webmail through Citrix App Receiver

  • There is an app Citrix receiver on the app store/play store, which can be downloaded and installed on your mobile.
  • The app is designed to access your email, desktop and other application from your Mobile device.
  • After successfully installing the app, you’ve to open Netscaler Gateway. It is a new login page of the Tata consultancy service.
  • To login here you need to use your basic credentials.
  • Citrix receiver directs you to webmail directly.
  • Now you can see, lotus webmail which will take you to the TCS mail login page.
  • Do enter your TCSWebmail username and password to access your emails at this step.
  • Now users can enter their email credentials and use the email.

Note: Always make sure to access your Webmail from a secure system only. Your email might contain sensitive information, which might be compromised on a non-secure system.

Disadvantages: The only disadvantage that you will face is that you will not be able to view the emails which are older than 3 days.


If you are an employee from Tata Consultancy Service then you can use TCSWebex Service. This service provides you with an online meeting, video conferencing and to get in touch with colleagues all around the world.

It is a Cisco company; WebEx is a revolutionary concept for corporate giants. Users can perform various things with WebEx like training, event, support, and assist.

TCS has a workforce all around the world. To start using WebEx you just need to login to webmail TCS.


  • Used for giving different lectures and small sessions.
  • Used to arrange an event to handle 100 to 3000 people simultaneously.
  • You can start using WebEx from your desktop or personal computer.

FAQs regarding TCS Webmail

List of frequently asked questions to ask webmail is as follows:

Q1: what to do if you can’t access mail from mobile?

  • Install Citrix receiver and then access the TCS webmail through Lotus Webmail.

Q2: how do I access an email on my mobile?

  • Install Citrix Receiver from the Google play store and then enter the credentials of the account. Select Lotus Webmail to access the webmail TCS.

Q3: Can I access my mail through

  • The company has launched a new email, due to which you can’t access through this email. The new email is as follows

TCS Helpline Number    

(India): Toll Free 1-800-425-4827(1-800-225-5827FREE).

(US): Toll-Free 0207-2458000.  

(UK): Toll-free 1-877-TCS-INDY (1-877-827-4639 FREE).

Final Analysis

TCS Webmail is an email software created by tata consultancy organisation for TCS worker. In modern times, the most growing and expanding field is the field of information and technology. It is a booming industry in the modern world.